Thursday, December 10, 2009

For Baghdad

2009, 11"x9¼", 28cmx23.5cm, 
inks, oil pastel on archival paper
(I wrote into the drawing as I was
drawing; later I edited the words 
slightly into the poem that
accompanies the image)

throw bones

bone men
char men

cartilage has no
nerve endings

Baghdad is burning
-the bombers are coming-
hide your children

the god of fire thunder is upon us
the god who eats men

armor yourselves for it is useless
shrapnel sharp spinning
from the god's eye

cease & desist
cease & desist
cease & desist

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  1. A powerful piece.

  2. Thank you, Sherry. Only wish writing could save lives.

  3. broken hearted. thank you for this.

    are you still working, brenda? seems that it only wound up fueling your soul to be even more productive! i'm so proud of you, woman. xoxooxox

  4. Ah, terrorism, bombing schools for chrissakes, detonating during rush hour in busy locations, innocent people wounded and dying, using human bombs, it's horrible, hearbreaking, tragic.

    We are so inundated on the news it's hard to write about, and yet we must write.

    Thanks, Laura... no, my contract position ended mid-Oct since there wasn't enough work for me, only bits and pieces since then.


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