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Ink Ocean, 2018 - best performance yet

Direct Link: Ink Ocean

Ink Ocean is a poem that I still like to perform around town. Sometimes John Oughton can accompany me, and that is very special. This was videoed last Summer, in August 2018, at Glen Hornblast's Words and Music Jamboree at The Tranzac Club.

The camera focussed on the curtain at the back, due, I think, to the string of lights. So I had some slightly blurred footage and what more invitation do I need to begin playing? Pixel Film Studios had an Ocean Template generator which looked too inviting, so I got it and it works with the poem I feel. I can see this generator being great for Tidal Fury! Also added a cropped FCPX Glimmer generator. And a MotionVFX mTransition called Smoke. Oh, and a free video that I found on YouTube, a Black Smoke Green Screen effect. The sound is 'as is' from the camera mic.

I do love to play with effects - one of the benefits of having no video training! It's fun to create a palette - a sort of slow moving painting - around …