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Exercise Set for Circulation

Today I very grumpily did Exercise Set for Circulation, (photos 22-24) and just now realized I actually didn't finish it because I didn't see the last page! Who could miss a mantra, 'Oh, that mean, mean man'! Such crazy sets, yet they are very good physically and make you laugh, so that's healthy.

Guess I'll have to do the whole set again tomorrow so that I can finish it properly. :)

If you do any of these exercises, be sure to tune in first with the mantra, Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (I bow to the creative energy of the universe; I bow to the divine teacher within). Here's a short video clip that you can use (it's had 75,000 views, so clearly is quite popular): After doing the set, lie on your back relaxing your body and mind and dream of beautiful healing happenings. To finish, sit in easy pose, with a straight spine, chant a long Sat Nam: on Sat, imagine the Kundalini energy rising up your spine, and on Nam radiating out of y…

Exercise Set for Lungs and Bloodstream; Yoga set for the Kidneys.

Because I'm working through some personal challenges, and chose a very difficult meditation to do every day (that I'll post that another time) to aid me in my quest, I realized I needed to first do a yoga set to prepare myself.

On my shelf of Kundalini Yoga sets and texts, I found an old manual from circa (!) 1983, when Yogi Bhajan was still teaching what I like to call 'Kundalini Boot Camp.' (By the 2000s, the sets were much more subtle and heart-centred.)

These sets are hard work, and yet they work in the ways claimed. I began the manual's sets a few days ago, so am posting what I did today, and will continue as I go.

Today I began with a difficult lung cleansing, holding the breath and pumping the spine back and forth while the arms and hands are locked on the knees. I was sweating by the end of it!

I followed that with the set for the kidneys included below. While I do the meditations and exercises, like the Exercise Set for the Lungs and Bloodstream, for 11 mi…

danser la lune

direct link: danser la lune

This little clip was, oh, enticing. It was among other footage I shot of the August full moon, and I couldn't resist a little video.

The story is mine, from a novella I wrote in 2008 (my only hot novella -everyone should write one). The characters in this scene are Moedello and Orsola.

Music by Arnold Wohler, 'Larghetto espressivo' from his album, "Quintett für Flöte, Geige, Gitarre, Klavier und Cello in 5 Sätzen."

The Rumi lines shown at the beginning are from his poem, The Privileged Lovers (source? whose translation? unable to find, you know the NET).

I recorded this quite a few times over an evening and the next morning, and edited the passage a little in that process. I ended up going with the very first reading, wouldn't you know, how it is sometimes, so I don't have the exact version I read.

from my novella, Moedello:

She seemed not to particularly notice him. She smiled brightly when he passed by and said, "How&…