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February Poetry Salon @ Urban Gallery tomorrow, the 28th!

Tomorrow! FUNtastic and brilliant afternoon! Come and warm your poetic souls at Urban Gallery, 400 Queen St E, doors 2:45pm, readings 3-5pm. Two poets whose poetry intermeshes styles, spoken word, slam, literary poetry, love poetry, cultural events and icons, you name it, these guys, Kevin Fortnum and Stedmond Pardy are very special. We will project video during some of the readings. And Amoeba Starfish's Quantum jazz... is wow. You will slide gently into and swim and fly in otherworldly realms. Very inspiring, beautiful. They like poets to speak what their music evokes into the mic. They are a tremendously interactive band. And we promise dancing at the end! Yes!

After we go to a nearby Chinese restaurant with good food and inexpensive prices, for a glass of wine, or some nibbles, or a dinner of shared plates of scrumptious food. The menu has both vegetarian and meat options.

PWYC pass-the-pouch. Around 7 open mic spots of 5 minutes each, sign-up before 3pm.

Facebook Event Page: 

Journal Entries, 1-4

A small art journal for quick Journal Entries... mixed media, and on a prepared surface. Because I've been blocked, this is a way to gently move into the stream.

The theme that's shaping seems to be Mind Maps. Each one is a picture of the inside of my mind at that moment.

©BrendaClews 2015, 5.5"x8", mixed media, Strathmore 80lb toned gray sketch paper, acid-free.

A Drawing of Tara

A drawing of Tara, February 17, 2015, 11" x 14", graphite and Derwent InkTense blocks on Strathmore 80lb cream acid-free drawing paper.

Matt Mullins: Ten Notable Single-author Videopoems

Matt Mullins writes:

"I really enjoy all forms of videopoetry, and collaborations have certainly led to some of the most groundbreaking and vital work out there, but I also have tremendous admiration for those people who work primarily as singular “videopoets.” To have the skill and talent to write a compelling poem and the ability to place that poem into an equally compelling visual and sonic context is an impressive artistic accomplishment.

But as I sat down to compile a list of ten single-author/author-made pieces that have influenced me, I quickly realized that there’s a tremendous amount of excellent work of this type out there. So I decided to narrow my list even further to focus on those poets who have demonstrated that they have the skills I mention above, and the ability to read their own poetry convincingly, and the ability to deliver the whole package in four minutes or less."…

January 2015 Poetry Salon: Photos and Videos

At last, here are the photos and video from my Poetry Salon at Urban Gallery on January 31, 2015.

It was another wonderful, warm, talented, supportive afternoon of poetry and music! The rich imagery of the poems and the warmth of the Salon remain with me. Many thanks to our great features, Karen Shenfeld, Bänoo Zan, Michael Oesch and Saskia van Tetering, and to all the poets who shared their poetry on open mic, Susan Helwig, Mike Lipsius, Pat Connors, Norman Bethune Allan, Charles Taylor and Elaine Waddell. A rich tapestry of poetry and music indeed!

Many thanks to Josef Hochleitner, who kindly came and took photos, some of which I've uploaded here, that are superb. Thank you to Urban Gallery, and to Glenda Fordham, their wonderful publicist, who came and photographed the early part of the Salon. Full Picasa album with the names of everyone here: