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pre-Hallows' Eve

Starting to put together 'a look' for Halloween...


Oct Poetry & Music Salon photos

The October Salon! Was wonderful!!!! Many thanks to Karen Shenfeld for hosting a beautiful Salon, and to Isabel Fryszberg and John Oughton, fabulous features, and the open mics - Bänoo Zan, Sean Mc Dermott, Norman Bethune Allan, Milel BC and Cate Laurier and Neil for sharing their poems! Many thanks to Deb and Aliya of Markham House City Lab who welcomed us and helped figure out where to seat us (since 'the room' was populated with sculptures and so we had to move) and made coffee for us too! xoxo to all!

For names, please visit the Picasa Soirée album.

This Saturday! Oct 24th Poetry & Music Soirée: 4-6pm

A Salon Saturday afternoon! Hosted by my friend, Karen Shenfeld! Love to see you!
Because the inestimable sculptor and painter Tony Urquhart rented the Charotte Hale Gallery (current home for my Salons) this month, we are having our Poetry and Music Soirée just up the street at Mirvish Village - Markham House (610 Markham St)! This is the house Westbank renovated as a showcase for their proposal for Mirvish Village - you can see a model on the ground floor - but we will be upstairs where there is a lovely, bright gallery. Karen Shenfeld, brilliant, warm, wonderful, is hosting this month, and her features are poet John Oughton and singer/songwriter Isabel Fryszberg!!! Open mic spots too! It's 4-6pm, so you can start Saturday night was some cultcha...! After, we'll cross the street and go to the Victory Café for coffee, drinks, dinner, camaraderie. Karen's invitation to you all:

Hello friends!

I am hosting an intimate afternoon Poetry and Music Salon, next Saturday, from 4 …

'Metamorphoses: In Rodin's Studio' at the Musée des beaux-arts in Montréal (iPhone 5s pics)

It wasn't the finished bronzes that were of interest, rather the plasters, the drawings, the assemblages of pieces of broken or 'unfinished' sculptures into new sculptures, the photographs, the way Rodin composed prior to.... that drew me to Montréal this week to see 'Metamorphoses: In Rodin's Studio' before it ends this Sunday (Oct 18) at the Musée des beaux-arts.
One of my favourites was a Walking Man (Rodin did a few), an assemblage of a torso from an older, unfinished John the Baptist sculpture and his legs from yet another sculpture, both joined without polishing and finishing the upper to match the lower. I sketched it while at the gallery, photographed and videoed it numerous times.