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Sampler of Videopoem-in-progress

direct link (it's unlisted):

A tiny sampler, an unfinished cut, of a new videopoem I'm working on (already the little piece of lettering floating over the screen has burgeoned four-fold to staggered layers and the colour is now a deep dusty magenta).

The crazy woman dancing in her baggy shorts in the living room sometimes with her dog is NOT how I would imagine a video for 'El Loco' but somehow it works - there is a resonance.

I'm pairing a crazy dancing episode with a brilliant ecstatic piano solo, where Jose Travieso explores avante-garde music in what he calls, "sporadic music." Sporadic music, he writes in the notes to the album I drew this track from:

is a collection of open technics of composition where the different musical elements (specially rhythm, melody, tonality, modality and structure) are affected by a constant process of transmutation and instability, changing everytime by means of harmonic relatio…

A Lascivious Tray

For my housewarming you arrive with a cooler on whose ice a bottle of Moet and Chandon Brut Imperial champagne waits, and a power drill to hang my curtains.

While you hang, I toss organic baby spinach, fat green leaves, sliced large white button mushrooms, raw and thick, thin wheels of hot red onion, peeled sliced sweet mango, a handful of ground walnuts, slivered almonds, flax and sunflower seeds in a raspberry vinaigrette.

On the sectioned tray I lay ripe strawberries sweet as jam, green grapes, sinful fresh figs.

From its wooden case, I lift fresh smoked wild Sockeye salmon and lay it down.

Large green olives stuffed with garlic nestle beside the focaccia embedded with olive slices, sun-dried tomatoes, chopped onion and herbs.

Around balls of sweet honey dew melon I wrap ribbons of proscuito.

Peeling the papers from the cheeses, I uncover Isigny Sainte Mère, a creamy Normandy Camembert, Pont-l'Evêque, a soft cheese, pungent white Cheddar, tangerine-coloured rich Mimolette, and …


(watch at fullscreen in hd, if you can -quality is excellent) direct link:Glint

He indicated that the video was ok, but uploading to YouTube? I said there are lots of CATS on YouTube. (Featuring our 13 year old family cat, Tiggy. I told him he was going to be a YouTube cat - that's status.) :-)

In writing this minimalist poem, I thought to present it in the video as the murmur you overhear that is a poem. I wanted an 'art film,' something composed of shapes and sounds open to interpretation. Ghostly, sensual, colours and light and shadows in a flux in a landscape that's a little ambiguous, a bit Surreal. The music that I found for this piece was so perfect I edited the video's rhythms to the song.

This writing is drawn from a much larger manuscript which interweaves science and poetry. Three quarters of the energy of the universe is dark energy. 'Glint' calls on the metaphor of dark energy to shape a love poem. Words rise and sink in the marvelous soundtrac…

'Glint' is coming...

Glint is on its way.

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