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Theo Willemse: The Art of Form

direct link: video (some clips) of Theo's show, The Art of Form.

drama of the view through, frame of sculpture, of carved and polished wood
cuts the scene like a tribal rite

forms with the presence of a Seurat, geometric, rounded, stabilized, and earthy, the bulbs of plants, organic, and that stillness of Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad (1961), intrigue of love, the pursuit that never arrives, this room contains

memories of trees, wood from a special and beloved tree, reborn in sculpture
tree of life

sweet friends
a Joycean moment
their bench in the middle of Ulysses

portrait of the artist as a middle-aged man

take a seat, contemplate life, or how to live
for an hour

come to the end of time with me, rest awhile


direct link: a few photos from Theo Willemse's sculpture show, 'The Art of Form,' 
at SPAZ I O dell'arte on Sep 23rd, 2010. Photos by my daughter and I. Click through to read my inscriptions.

Sculpture of Theo Willemse

 Sculpture of Theo Willemse

Current Show:

The Art of Form

Opening Thursday Sept 16th, 6-9pm
Exhibition has been extended to Sep 24th, and
perhaps Saturday Sep 25th.

s p a z i o
400 Eastern Avenue
Toronto, ON M4M 1B9
(up the stairs or take the elevator)

(Theo's studio, August 2010)

Theo Willemse is a Dutch-Canadian artist living in Toronto.

"Theo Willemse's work is as it is. He does not promote theories of his art. Theories are up to the viewer, owner, curator, critic. You may find what inspires you in his sculptures.

While Theo is fairly opague on what he is exploring in his art, believing how the pieces speak to you is enough, that the artist creates and then lets go, having watched his oeuvre develop since 1983, I find I have some perceptions to convey.

His work embodies an intricate interplay of internal dynamics. He will tell you, "It's about the shape, and where the texture of the file shows." Or, "Where it disintegrates slightly, that burn…

Lodela and Pas de deux

Lodela by Philippe Baylaucq, 1996, 26 min 24 s. Direct link: Lodela.

Stark and Sublime Poetic Dance.

Mythic, primal, visionary. I watch Lodela over and over, each time finding more elements in the stark simplicity.

The film is in black and white. The camera lovingly caresses the shadows and planes of the dancers bodies. Camera angles change, from witnessing to being in the centre of their motion looking outward. The choreography is organic, flowing with the natural rhythms of the body. I feel the breeze on the reeds, the storm on the ocean, the planets in the sky. The music is ethereal, gentle. Human voices wake us, and we do not drown, but come to life, emerge. We are born.

The whole of a human life is here, in fetal form, our birth, growth, love, death. The Sisyphean task of our life. Longing, desire. The beauty of the body. Motion, its beauty.

The dancers, Jose Navas and Chi Long, are lithe, muscular, perfect specimens of us, and perfect if opposite reflections of each other, taut a…