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2nd Wash of Oils on Three Close-ups of Women Portraits

Three Close-Up Portraits of Women, works-in-process, 2nd wash of oils, which, when they are dried a bit, will be stretched back onto their canvas stretchers and painted like regular oil paintings. They are each 16" x 20", oils on canvas. © Brenda Clews 2016

They've had two oil washes, and one of them had their paint removed, but they are women, they are ongoing. When they are dry, I'll begin painting. What you see here is mostly scrubby thick brushes and fingers and a washcloth without any delicacy.

Photos taken indoors with daylight fluorescent bulbs.

The last one, a self-portrait based on a photograph from a video that I did in 2013, when I had auburn hair, I am not happy with - been too busy lately, and under a lot of stress, and I realized that I was simply too exhausted to continue to work on it until I got it to a place of leaving. Perhaps it is the hair on the right side, and the shadows on the skin that need work. I don't know when I can come back to it,…

First Wash of Oils on the Three Portraits

Photo later than the video, and it is after a bit of work on the lower right portrait. First Wash of Oils, there is a 2nd wash to go, and then they will be stretched back onto their canvas stretchers and painted like regualr oil paintings. 16" x 20", oils on canvas. © Brenda Clews 2016

direct link: First Wash of Oils

Yeah, well. It's deliberately a small video. It's a bit much, the way my cut-off exercise tights/shorts slipped a bit. I speeded this up to 5000x to get it to fit into a minute though I spent well over an hour getting to this point with these paintings. It was gruelling and I wasn't happy with how they turned out. The second wash will help, I know. Then they will be stretched back onto their stretchers and painted like regular oil paintings. :) The video shows the hardest part of the whole process - beginning.

Charcoal Sketches of Close-ups of Three Women

Looks like I have a spot at Verve, put on by RAW Artists, on Thursday August 25th in Toronto, if, that is, I can sell 20 tickets for the show. I will have a 15 minute Performance Artist spot on stage and will project some videopoems while I perform the poems, as well as about 7.5' of wall to show and sell artwork. My book, Tidal Fury, will be published by then and so I will perform from it as well as have copies to sell.

Naturally, I am doing some new work. These are small (for me!) - 16" x 20" x 1.5". The sketches are charcoal on primed canvas and will be painted in oils. One is a self-portrait, the other two are women I know. I thought to do close-ups of women, and found these in my collection of photographs, so, yes, they are from photographs - but my knowledge of all of us, and earlier drawings I've done, informs the sketches. No idea what will happen when I paint them in oils - I love watercolour, but I had these canvases lying around waiting.

A drawing of Rod

Rod Pizarro, 21cm x 29.7cm, 2016, © Brenda Clews, graphite,  Moleskine Sketchbook 111-lb acid-free paper.

Kat Leonard @ Winter Wonderland @ Hirut - 26 March 2016 © Brenda Clews,  5" x 8.25", graphite, Derwent InkTense blocks on 200-gram cold-press acid-free  Moleskine A5 Large Watercolour paper.
Kat Leonard, who I know as a singer-songwriter and she's saucy, does musical comedy, and her husband, Rod Pizarro, came by Three of a Kind, the group show in June. It was wonderful to see her and to meet her lovely husband. I showed Kat a little watercolour I had done of her singing at a gig at Hirut Restaurant in the winter and she bought it. Then, after seeing my drawing of John Oughton, Rod commissioned a similar drawing.

When I was looking after the gallery, two weeks later, he came and sat for a drawing. I drew him for maybe half an hour, we chatted - he's Chilean, and I took a cell phone pic as a reference for finishing the drawing. It takes me an hour or more to do a page-…

June 2016 Poetry & Music Salon @ Palmerston Library Theatre

Our last Poetry and Music Salon before Summer break was superb! Our features, William Beauvais, Ariel Balevi, Brandon Pitts and Joe Wray were in top form and gave us more than their very best. And our open mics, Joani Paige, Stanley Fefferman and Jennifer Hosein were as strong. A very inspiring evening and I am so grateful to be a recipient of such gifts.

I'd especially like to thank Palmerston Library and the librarian, Iana Georgieva-Kaluba, the Branch Manager Misuk Hedman, and the amazing sound technician, Eric, for their support, generosity and help with arranging and promoting this series.

If you'd like to know who everyone is, watch the video, and you can also find the photos here: If you click on the i at the side for Information, you'll see the names.

Ft McMurray Fundraiser Poetry & Music Salon - May 2016

A wonderful, charming, warm, funny, serious, light, dramatic, brilliant evening of the generosities of talent and our caring for those in need. The Ft Murray Fundraiser Poetry and Music Salon raised over $400., and that is a gift that triples to $1200. since the Federal and Alberta Governments match donations to the Red Cross fund. Everyone who featured was terrific! Wow! Many thanks, in order of appearance, to Stedmond Pardy, Clara Blackwood, Tim Maxwell, Linda Stitt, Kirk Felix (and the band he created impromtu, Tom Hamilton, Sean Peever and Kevin Jeffrey), John Oughton, Mikel BC, Stanley Fefferman, Sonia Di Placido, and Steve-Paul Simms! I would like to thank Palmerston Library for a great venue and most especially Iana Georgieva and Misuk Hedman for their help and support, and Eric, the amazing sound technician. And, of course, many thanks to all those who came out to enjoy an early evening of wonderful entertainment and to support those in need in our country.

Here are the photos.…