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The Notebook of the Maternal Body

Yikes, trying to post the piece that I just added to my website Birth Paintings page did not work in Blogspot! I spent many hours composing it in Google Docs in a table, but cannot download it in a readable format, Word or even PDF, to my desktop. The 'public' page "url" is not properly formatted and to my eye unreadable too.

Hey, wait, this might work. A way to 'view' the Google Docs document with a 'read only' permissions to anyone who arrives there:

The Notebook of the Maternal Body

A Journey to Each Other

Free music for professional licensing
direct link:Creix, Journey at the corner

This is a single track, 8:21min long.

So many indications to me of the virtual world... it's such a rich world, traversing site after site, endlessly exploring, channel after channel, the musical landscape keeps changing as we move on, visiting worlds, disturbed, inquisitive, conversational, dreamy, the instruments sonically layered indicate the experience of the virtual traveler.

Yet I feel a longing within, under the surface of the beauty of this music, a longing for touch, to meet, to speak, to see each other. For us to come out from behind our screens and meet in some large emporium, a clearing in a forest, a beach, a huge tavern in the city, and hug and laugh and dance and jam the hours away with our music and embraces.

It is as if the musician loves the world that allows his music to be played many thousands of miles away, anytime, and yet misses the contact with the audience. This is the lonelines…

Ravishing Light: A Solar Videopoem (1½ min)

direct link: Ravishing Light: A Solar Videopoem
After watching many hours of NASA's amazing SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) footage of the sun at the Internet Archives, I downloaded some short videos and from them distilled the clips you see in this video. I am delighted to find this footage and to create a solar videopoem.

A vision of such power that what went before falls away in a rapturous death. A rapturous death of the ego. An unerasable enlightenment. That Rubicon. I was inspired to write this piece after seeing the movie, 'Sunshine,' which also uses footage from NASA's SOHO Observatory.

- prose poem written in 2007

These are the videos I finally chose and downloaded. I used clips from some of them for my short videopoem: 


'The Etsy Phenomenon'

A fascinating article from Escape Into Life by Lara Cory on The Etsy Phenomenon, a "balanced account of the success of Etsy with much room for opposing viewpoints." The comment stream is interesting. I post mine here to encourage you to go there, and because this blog is my personal archives.

Brenda Clews (unregistered) wrote:

I think being able to craft an item must be an enjoyable activity - using well-worn and true tested techniques, one can simply fill in the blanks, make the item and then sell it at a craft show or on a site like Etsy. That item has a function. It's a bright teapot, or a plier-knotted silver wire around a crystal to make a magik pendant, or a familiar pastoral scene for the kitchen or bathroom or hallway. The price is right. These items brighten our daily lives, fill in the spaces in our homes, or adorn us as clothing or jewelry, are lovely little gifts for each other.

Art, on the other hand, is hard, tempestuous, fickle, uncertain, a very …