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A Brilliant Gloss of Tidal Fury by John F Walter

A Brilliant Gloss of Tidal Fury, notes by my dear friend, John Francis Walter

John wrote these notes in 2016 - the care and depth of his reading of my book of poetry was overwhelming (and I was probably a bit embarrassed by the attention my little poems got). He parses the book poem by poem!!! John is a true polymath -poet, playwright, writer, intellectual, teacher, actor, translator, friend to many, and more. It is with deep gratitude that I finally post these notes, which were to form the basis of a more traditional article. As a collection, they are more effective in their notational form - being closest to the immediacy of his reading.

(If you have a copy of Tidal Fury (also in the Toronto Public Library), keep it open as you read each of his insights.)

p.1 'Entrap'--deliberately contextualized via Roget's. Theme of entrap recurs throughout volume, most notably on p. 37--Masks, seduction by destroying rivals, and 62, Fear and Capture, which evinces the awareness of proj…