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September Poetry & Music Soirée at Charlotte's Gallery in Markham Village

On Saturday afternoon, September 26th, 3-5pm, I am hosting a Poetry & Music Soirée at a beautiful art gallery: Charlotte Hale and Associates Fine Art, Photography & Design (588 Markham St -across from Victory Café). This month features a wonderful musician/composer, Waleed Abdulhamid and poet, Milel BC. There are 8-10 open mic spots of 5 min each. All forms of writing are welcome, as well as music. The Soirée is free, but we do pass-the-hat for the features. Our soirées are always a warm, convivial, supportive and very talented afternoon and I would love you to come out and enjoy a marvellous afternoon and perhaps share a poem, short story or song of your own.

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, vocalist, producer and film maker, WALEED ABDULHAMID was born in Sudan. He began performing at the age of 6. In Sudan, Waleed was known for bringing traditional rhythms into popular music. When he left Sudan at age 18, he performed, recorded and toured extensively, appearing at major mus…

Destroyer and Preserver: POMPEII, a volcano of a show at the ROM

Destroyer and Preserver: POMPEII, a volcano of a show at the ROM

On my third trip to POMPEII, in the shadow of the volcano at the Royal Ontario Museum, I found the sex room. Pompeii's protective goddess was Venus Physica Pompeiana, who was a goddess of the sea, and trade. But, surely, the Venus lounging invitingly on the half-shell, a mural perhaps from a brothel, is Venus Pandemos, of the cult of the love goddess “associated with bodily desire (porneia)… her devotes practicing her arts, ta aphrodisiac (caresses and sex)”. Yes, I have photos of what’s inside the sex room; no, I won’t show you. I will say that there was an elderly man standing before a large wall mural inside ‘the room’ who could not stop laughing. You will have to go to see POMPEII at the ROM. For the first time with a major show, we can take photos.

Pompeii died very quickly. On the morning of the explosion of Mount Vesuvius those who lived nearby probably noticed nothing. Midday a cloud “of unusual size and a…

Transit and Café Drawings

A couple of simple Transit Drawings and a Café Drawing: the first two photographed; the latter scanned. What's nice about sleuth drawing is that they have to be fast and you don't have to show the subject, though often I do.
What I most like is that people aren't posing. They aren't presenting a persona to the artist; rather, they are engaged in what they are doing, whether it's reading, writing or unselfconsciously gazing into space thinking. They don't feel watched (as in a life drawing session) except in the ways we all watch each other journeying or working in public spaces.

I think these were all August 2015.

Poets and Musics Drawings

Waleed Abdulhamid at Shab-e She'r (Poetry Night in Persian) 28 July 2015

Danila Botha Vernon @Plasticine Poetry Phanatics-19July2015 ___