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direct link to 1min recording:disappearing

into a world
of disappearing forms
where figures
thick viscous glass
melted sand granules

falling into dream

Brenda Clews' poetry, voice and mix. Background music, a section from: "Trio for Flute, Cymbals, and Glass" by Matt Samolis -

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Amnesty Internation calls for security review of G8/20 Summit

Amnesty International calls for security review of G8/20 Summit: "In a statement today (June 27), the organization expressed "very deep concern" that human rights have "suffered considerably" during the protests in Toronto.
"According to Amnesty, the heavy police presence in the city—as well as acts of vandalism and violence by some protesters—has helped to create an atmosphere of fear that has kept many people from participating in peaceful demonstrations.

"At a time when the public should be encouraged to actively engage in debate and discussion about pressing global issues, the security measures that were put in place in Toronto in the lead up to the G20 Summit held in the city instead narrowed the space for civic expression and cast a chill over citizen participation in public discourse," the organization stated."

Yes, I agree with Amnesty International's questions, reasoning and approach. But would say it's our leadership, our Pr…

A clip from the G20 Protest Rally in Toronto on June 26th

Direct link to Facebook, where I'm hosting this clip: G20 Protest March, Toronto, June 26th
I've made it accessible to everyone.

A clip from some video I took during the march, near the American Consulate on University Avenue. You can see the police have blocked it off to the public (it's on the right in the footage) and the march continues on the other side of the street south.

Yes, that worried and caring police officer was for real. And I took his advice, slipping out through the back streets, re-joining the crowd of protesters later and then avoiding a few spots of conflagration by slipping into walkways and back paths (I lived in the area for 20 years, old stomping grounds) before making my way home.

More violence ensued as the Black Bloc mob hit the streets, igniting a flare to distract (I passed that corner, missing it by minutes), burning police cars, smashing windows of banks and stores.

At the time of writing, it is close to midnight. Where I live in the city it…

If I Could Write

direct link: If I Could Write

for JP

What would I write if I could write? I reach over continents and oceans into the Parthenon to find you pressing the shutter on your camera, the photograph you sent. Or ordered chaos, but this is my life. A leaf swollen with rain. Sleeping in a hammock in a barge with hundreds of others on the Amazon River in Brazil. Sun shining on metal. How sentences fold in on each other like white rose petals. Days pass endless waves in the lake. I found her, a spirit in the forest of the lake in the Canadian terrain where I fast for days. She broke the spell. Unexpectedly, in the silvery leaves of the maples standing in water. Abandon logic for metaphor. Speak in the tongues of the poet. I burn the fire on your eyelids in…