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Resolution to Rumblefish Copyright Notice from YouTube

For those of you following my story about YouTube sending me a "Copyright Violation" notice because Rumblefish claimed copyright content on the soundtrack for 'Videopoetry: Voicings,' (which I had made in GarageBand from a voice recording, a midi file generated from the text of the poem, and some small GarageBand loops, all absolutely legal):

5:54 PM (today)

Hi Brenda,

I have released this claim. Apparently is has been misidentified by the YouTube content matching system.



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My original post with all the emails is here:

Nice of him to 'blame' YouTube. YouTube had originally written that: "Your video, Videopoetry: Voicings, may have content that is owned or licensed by rumblefish." Yesterday, I wrote back to Rumblefish, and registered a Dispute over this claim with YouTube, and they have backed off.  YouTube gives you only…

Rumblefish Copyright Notice from YouTube

Sent from YouTube at 5:38am Sunday morning (and apparently you only get 48 hours to dispute a claim against your work):

 Dear brendaclews,

Your video, Videopoetry: Voicings, may have content that is owned or licensed by rumblefish.

No action is required on your part; however, if you are interested in learning how this affects your video, please visit the Content ID Matches section of your account for more information.

- The YouTube Team

So I sent rumblefish an email at 8:52am:

Dear Rumblefish,

I have received copyright notice from YouTube that I've used your music.

I am in shock.

No, I have not used your music, nor violated any copyright as far as I know. Reciting a poem I had written (which I can prove), I generated a midi file on-line with text from the poem (which is entirely legal and free, I know one of the creators of that site), and looped a few seconds of some garageband sounds in the distant background. I've scoured GarageBand and do not see anywhere that us…

I thought no-one would take the time to watch Tangled Garden

I am humbled and amazed by these responses to my latest and most ambitious and longest videopoem, Tangled Garden. I thought no-one would take the time to watch it, and I am still taken aback that anyone has. I have a confession to make, I save these comments for bleak days. You have no idea how you inspire me and how much I love you all.

Francois Caroline writes: "Yes this film is good, I am a French poet, writing all day long, but I have never seen such a beautiful creation."

Pierre-Marie Cœdes writes: "I am astounded by so much intelligent creativity : poem, recitation, body performance, imagery, effects, editing, the music with entrancing voice ... all this has led me into an hypnotic voyage, guided by an entrancing voice depicting a world of sensations, inside invisible universal actions, kaleidoscope beings... I just could not take my eyes off the rapture of the incessant movements of the beautiful energized figures in motion ... and ... and ... this is a real master…

Videopoem: 'Tangled Garden, a triptych of nature poems'

direct link: Tangled Garden, a triptych of nature poems by Brenda Clews, 2012.

Tangled Garden: a triptych of nature poems, a video/filmpoem by Brenda Clews

-A Floral Opera (2011)
-In the Hands of the Garden Gods (1979)
-Slipstream, the Tangled Garden (2006)

(with impromtu speaking between the poems, which each end with ~~~ in the subtitle track.)

Beautiful singing by the musician, Catherine Corelli mixed from her album, Seraphic Tears (2010) on Jamendo (with her permission).

Note: This video is subtitled. Click on the CC on the play bar to activate or de-activate the subtitles. YouTube will also automatically translate the subtitles into 25 languages if English is not your main language and you would like to get the gist of the poetry.

In contrast to the zippy, fast cuts and commercial-like flavours of many video/filmpoems, Tangled Garden is a slow virtually single-shot video. It is an 'art film.' It is 22 minutes of slowed-down footage. It does move through a process that is …