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Poetry birthday present...

Thanks to an early Christmas present, my computer has a new hard drive -albiet a cheap Western Digital. After 6 months of constant freezing of programs, requiring turning off and waiting an hour, it's a phenomenal relief to be able to use my iMac again. No idea how I produced as much as I have with an ailing computer.

In celebration, I burned a CD today of Starfire - mostly the whole album of my love poems, though there are a few I haven't yet done... for a birthday present.

Now that everything is working again, hopefully I can finish the album and get it uploaded to Jamendo in the next few months.

How to create a custom YouTube video player for your blog or website

A selection of my videopoems. As a painter and poet, I, like many, are drawn to the video medium, where I experiment with delighted abandon.

After a fruitless hour of searching for and trying out widgets, and then discovering YouTube itself offers the ability to create a custom video player for your website -though you won't find this handy feature in any of the drop down menus at your YouTube site- I created this one for my website!

This is how you create one of these neat players:

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Paste into the browser.

3. Create your embeddable player. Note: you can create a 'playlist' selection of your videos for use in this custom player, or use any of your other playlists, or simply include everything you've uploaded.

To create a custom playlist, I backtracked. I clicked on the videos I wished to show in my player one at a time and added them to a new playlist that I called "My Videopoetry." T…

Silently Censored!

First I laughed, then I became livid.

Look, the process of creation begins with lovemaking. Conception occurs deep within the woman when her precious egg accepts the fertilization of a man's sperm. Lovemaking is a man's only bodily pleasure in the process of creating new life. It's all he's given.

The woman's body takes over. Pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, these are only her experiences. He can never know what these incredible processes feel like. He is shut out of the deepest mysteries of the beginnings of embodied life.

Personally I think this is one of the most unfair aspects of existence. I regale against it.

But it's reality. Perhaps those unsubbers are into artificial insemination for everybody? What a dry life that would be!

My lovers illustrate the beginning of the story. The story of the maternal body, of the birth of new life.

So I've lost a couple of subscriptions. Really I don't care, but my current art project, to have some paintings of t…

Michelangelo Antonioni: 'Identificazione di una donna/Identification of a Woman' (1982)

Some thoughts I had on Antonioni's 'Identificazione di una donna/Identification of a Woman' (1982), now a review at IMDB:

While I feel that Antonioni was perhaps attempting to create too much of a plot in this film, and he almost creates 'a story' with a twist and a climax and a resolution, yet he cannot ultimately play by the Artistotelian rules of what drama is. We come so close, though. I savour that closeness, it is like the scene of Niccolo and Mavi driving through the fog. We sense ultimate meaning, the neatness of a story begun, enclosed now in a fog of unknowing, that contains vague threats, the tension leaving the main characters emotionally raw, and they part as we the audience part from any storyline resembling anything like a normal structure.

Antonioni does not move by classical plot lines. His movies are composed of intensities, emotional weights that fall through the characters. When the emotion builds to high pitch, something happens. People that …