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Birthday @ the Art Bar Poetry Series Carries Its Risks!

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Featuring at the Art Bar Poetry Series on your birthday carries its risks. Love ❤️ Love ❤️  Love ❤️  Many thanks for all the beautiful birthday wishes!

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Open Book Interview on Tidal Fury

Somehow, I missed the publication of this Open Book interview with me on Tidal Fury last October. I just found it. Many thanks to Open Book!

As it was posted 5 months ago, I think to share the whole interview here.

NEWS AND INTERVIEWS The In Character interview, with Brenda Clews DATE October 26, 2016 Brenda Clews is the author of Tidal Fury (Guernica Editions), a narrative collection that is part love story, part examination of identity, and part exploration of power, mythology, and obsession. Illustrated by Brenda's original artwork, Tidal Fury was been called a "richly layered, challenging collection" by John Oughton, author of Time Slip. We welcome Brenda to Open Book today as part of our In Character interview series, speaking to her about the nameless narrator of Tidal Fury. She tells us about Tidal Fury's unique structure, the mechanics of poetic internal dialogue, and the writerly self vs. the everyday social self.

Open Book: Tell us about the main character in…

Tidal Fury Features this Year

Lovely to see Tidal Fury on the shelves at Indigo (Bloor and Bay)! I signed them. A bunch of features are lined up in Toronto this Spring and I am gearing up to perform from Tidal Fury for you and, I hope, to entertain, elevate and inspire you all!
January 18th @ A literary ménage à trois of poetry, 7:30-9:30pm, Bar Italia, 582 College St February 23rd @ Urban Folk Art Salon, 6-8pm, Mount Pleasant Library, 599 Mt. Pleasant RdMarch 7th (my birthday) @ The Art Bar Poetry Series, 8-10:30pm, Free Times Cafe, 320 College StMarch 21 @ Hot-Sauced Words, 7:30-10:00pm, The Supermarket, 268 Augusta Ave., Kensington MarketApril 29 @ Poetry and Music Salons, a longer, more intense set, 2-4pm, Palmerston Library Theatre, 260 Palmerston AveSeptember 2nd @ Words and Music Salon, 1:30-4:30pm, location TBA. ___

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