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Dance of Gold Canvas

direct link: Dance of Gold Canvas

A performance piece, hints of the epic, the metamorphosis that life is. Age and grace. Frivolity and art. Pain and laughter. Humor and seriousness.

In the dance I speak a poetry whose volume I dimmed to just below audible. A poetry below the threshold.

And of this nearly silenced subliminal speaking? It's part of the motion poem. A tantra. Dance, the journey of the soul, guttural, the women crying for help during the tsunami, women in war, survival, a Blakean crawl across the canvas at one point and I allowed some words to rise, utterances, Butoh not in style but expression perhaps in parts, and of strength, empowerment, and the fecund, the buds of spring about to burst, Boticelli's Primavera, the rich earthy tapestries of the natural world, and Zen, laughter at the absurdity of life, and love, love everywhere, enjoyment in the body itself, sensuality, a wit, humour. Dancing with shadows of the self was intriguing in the editing, as was slipp…

Videopoem Contest at Moving Poems

A site on the forefront of multi-media poetry today, Moving Poems, is having a videopoem contest. Dave writes, "I thought it would be fun to have a contest where everyone would use the same poem in its entirety, either in the soundtrack or as text (or both)." The poem, "Fable," by Howie Good is short but full with metaphoric possibility. The deadline is April 15th; there is no limit to the number of times you can submit entries. Do submit. Details: Moving Poem's First Videopoem Contest.

The Canvas Backdrop

I sewed some canvas strips together that had been window coverings for some years before I bought curtains. They enable the creation of a performance space in my tiny, cramped, messy apartment. The canvas covers three bookshelves and the doorway to the kitchen. After stapling the canvas to the tops of the bookshelves and wall, I set my video camera on a tripod and jumped right into the nook and danced at midnight! I was up till 5am editing the footage! Besides a few photos of the canvas, and stills from the video, I've uploaded 'Dance in Black and Gold' to Picasa; if you go and watch a slideshow you can see it there.

From The Canvas BackdropSewing strips of canvas (that were window coverings before I got curtains) for a backdrop for video performance pieces. Yes, those are two-toned nails, Thalo blue and Cherry cream. :smiles:

And, ek, what a job, sewing all that canvas on my little machine! Bent two needles, too, and finished the job by praying and bending the last needle …