Video: Bren Clews @ the Art Bar 2018

Direct link: Bren @ the Art Bar

It is always a privilege to read at the Art Bar, Toronto's longest running poetry series, begun in 1990. My novella, Fugue in Green (Quattro Books, Dec 2017), while it has a narrative, is written in a prose poetry. A hybrid style. I begin this reading with a section on how poetry is the vector between the concrete world and the world of the imagination, and end with lovemaking, and what could be more poetic than that? Carl Jung would say to his mistress, 'Let's go and make poetry.'

In the editorial process, the copy editor turned all the sentence fragments in the original manuscript into proper sentences, and combined the one sentence paragraphs into larger paragraphs, removing much of the obvious poetry, but the flow and imagery remained, and I liked the decisive grammar, and so I okayed her suggestions.

But Fugue in Green remains, to me, a book grounded in poetry.

The Art Bar Poetry Series at the Free Times Café in Toronto on April 1…

Got the Coroner’s Report today. #belovedbrother #grief


Reading from Fugue in Green at the Art Bar tonight. Quiet but fabulous evening! Many thanks to those who came out. ❤️ #quattrobooks #bookstagram #canlit #novella #prosepoetry


Praise for 'Fugue in Green'

Amazon is now selling Fugue in Green for its real price, and not over-charging. Indigo is a great place to get it. Also, you can get a signed one tonight at the Art Bar, where I'm featuring. (Free Times Café on College, 8:30pm start) xoxo (see my website for links)

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone's who's read Fugue and written a review or a few sentences - SO appreciate. Love you all!!!

Praise for 'Fugue in Green'

-❊ Erotic and sensual, extraordinarily vivid and imaginative, Fugue in Green is a magical treat indeed. -@Lisa de Nikolits, author of No Fury Like That and 6 earlier novels

-❊ Fugue in Green…is a tale of monsters, imperfect sunsets and waifs who were born of cats and “speak the language of birds”. Its haunting prose, as sharp and perfect as a diamond and as delicate as a spider’s web, is a prayer cried out loud: a prayer for freedom. -@Heather Babcock, author of Being Underground and Moving Backwards

-❊ This deceptively small book is a blockbuster. You star…

Sixteen Recent Sketches

After my brother died, I developed a block and could not draw or paint. Almost half a year later, I began tentatively doing "subway" sketches - simple, fast, and doesn't matter if it 'looks like' or not -  no pressure - just do it - as a way to break through the block. First, I used a pen with a fude nib, which I liked, and am waiting for a new pen barrel to come into stock. Then, with a gift certificate to a local art store that a lovely friend gave me for my birthday, I bought a set of Bic coloured ballpoint pens. Love them! Only, they are not lightfast*[see note below], and already folks want to buy some of these. So I bought a set of 36 Pilot Juice Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens and have been using them solely (I found very little on these pens researching, but think they are gel ink with a rolling ballpoint tip, and are pigment-based rather than dye-based as ballpoint pens are). The Pilot pens were used in the first three drawings you see here - the colourful lady c…

Sketch 13 April 2018

Yesterday on the University Subway, 13 April. She was a beautiful Korean woman. My initial sketches are in gold ink and a bit scribbly - if I’ve focused on someone to draw them, I seem to be able to see them later almost photographically honing the drawing & for skin tones & clothing colours. But... I wish to move into imaginal colour, hence the... spectral wildness. 

I need to figure out how to stop Instagram from posting here - my comments on my photos come in as headers! Awful!!!

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'Fugue in Green,' video from Quattro Books Launch Jan 2018

direct link: Fugue in Green Quattro Books publisher launch Jan 2018

This is my first videoed reading of my new novella, Fugue in Green. It has received great reviews. This novella was written during NaNoWriMo 2012! It kind of wrote itself. I am happy with this little book. The Quattro Launch was fabulous - crowded, a great line-up of authors and their books, a fun night.

So far, I have 8 reviews of Fugue in Green, and the reviewers all like the book! Ok, at present they are reviews by my friends, who are all authors, which floors me and blows me away - I can't believe how wonderful people are! I am humbled and grateful before them. I have all the reviews collected, and readable in screens that open on the page, on my FIG webpage.

The cover is a detail of my 5' x 5' painting, Charcoal Poems.

Quattro produced a beautiful book, the paper is good vellum, the print is dark, and there is a full line between each indented paragraph, making the reading experience quite wonderful.…