I have a wooden print block such as you might find in Bali for hand-printing fabrics in a random pattern, solid wood, carved, round, an article of artisanal beauty. It's been on a shelf 20 years. I've never used it before. Last night I swept iridescent acrylic paint over its carved surface and pressed.

My intention is to draw a figure or figures in ink over this background with some paint, perhaps daubed on with a sponge since the water-based pastel background will lift off the triple-glazed canvas sheet with water because it likely needs weeks to dry to a permanent finish.

background2, 18" x 24" canvas sheet, water-soluble oil pastels. (This photo was taken in full sunlight -the iridescent pewter and silver grey print markings are darker with less light.)

Background1 is here (with no Balinese block imprints).

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  1. These wooden print blocks are used in India too for fabric printing.
    You have wonderfully put forth the thought of using them.
    Just came on this page by the way, Beautiful, very much liked it.

  2. Perhaps it is Indian, though I bought it in a store whose owner lived in Bali, and they mostly sold Balinesian fabrics, clothes, jewelry, furniture and knick knacks. Koochi on Queen Street in Toronto. One of my favourite stores, long gone now. It's a wonderful piece of wood to hold. Thanks for dropping by, Pranesh!


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