Monday, December 21, 2009

'Dance of the Solar Wind': A Short Poetry Album and Solstice Gift


direct link: Dance of the Solar Wind

5 tracks ... 16:41

1 Dance of the Solar Wind ...  2:29
2 Light Catches Diamonds ... 4:33
3 Love Letters on Sand Mandalas ... 0:59
4 Roses and Hands ... 0:33
5 Meridians of Culture ... 8:07

Album description
  "rich text with pleasing undulating voice and music"  - Brenda Clews' poetry performance pieces 

1. Dance of the Solar WindI wrote this prosepoem in 2007, and recorded it that year. In 2009, I added some Garageband piano loops.
2. Light Catches Diamonds was composed 2007; recorded 2008; in 2009 paired with 'Because,' from "Go Away Blues," by Buz Hendricks of Jazz Street Trio, with permission.
3. Love Letters in Sand Mandalas. Originally recorded in 2005, I added a background of ocean and shells to the recording in 2009.
4. "Roses and Hands"
In the dream, her hands
felt like flowers.
She couldn't explain it.
In her palms, flowers,
like roses, only immeasurably
enfolded, multi-petaled,
deep dusk rose-pink,
soft and fragile
and intricate
and very, very
5. Meridians of Culture. Experimental avantguarde music in the background: 'Lambkins Black,' by Gabriel Garrod of Alphacore, with permission.
Image, Pulsing Hea(r)t, Eye of Ra, one of my paintings - click on cover for larger size

Dear beautiful readers,

A Solstice card, and gift.
In this deep dark, may the light shine on you.
You are radiantly beautiful.

Wishing you the best of the season
in all ways.

Much love, Brenda ♡xo♡xo

'Dance of the Solar Wind' - a short album of poems with music that is Creative Commons licensed, free to download, with light and blessings.☼

(All these pieces are at SoundClick, so you may have heard them previously. Hope you enjoy!)

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