View Out My Bedroom Window

Sigh, okay, playing just a little...

View out my bedroom window, with a little license.

(Droll, dull, yah but black & white is fun.)

(Neva mind the parkin' lot, yo hear?! It neva has more'n two cars in it, and it gives me open space, a view of the sky, way better'n facing a house of windows facing you. In my opinion.)

I am very lucky to have a little apartment in my favourite area of Toronto. In the Summer the 200 year old trees really are magnificent, and many of the houses date back a century.

There hasn't been a day since I moved here that I haven't woken up grateful.

(click on image for larger size)


  1. interesting photoplaying.

    anything more private is better than being on display or watching others on display!

    what is the tent looking structure?


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