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I'm writing a script this month, as you know. I can't believe how hard it is! Perhaps because I discover what's next as I write, it's a laborious process that is slow at best. I'm trying to polish it as I go, so when it's finished I can send copies to friends. I'm drawing inspiration from Surrealist art, which is fascinating since none of this was pre-planned. Trying, in between realistic scenes, to get into 'that imaginative space,' that strange 'dream-space,' is challenging and often my brain hurts! It's easier to be logical, for sure. The 'strange logic' of the Surrealist image requires neurons to fire a different way! Silly, I know.

I have a Windsor & Newton 'deep edge' 24"x30" primed canvas ready to go (bought with some of the deposit sent for my little painting) - but seem to have pulled or torn some tendons in my right elbow and the doctor says to rest it... though with grocery shopping for me & my kids, walking a dog who is strong and pulls on the leash, and general housework, I'm finding it's not healing very fast if at all. I may decide not to care and work on the canvas soon... thinking floral... though I do love to do figures, but then I should go to a life drawing session for some new images... and should I continue the quick 'line' drawings of figures that I've taken to doing, or try something more conté crayon, though that would require longer poses? I really like leaving my artwork somewhere in the realm between drawing and painting, then the figures are like a script, though also painterly.

"Prostrations," page-sized, India ink & watercolour pencil
on archival watercolour paper, 2006 (click to enlarge)
the little painting that's sold.


  1. Listen to your doc, hon, and rest that elbow and its tendons, or you'll re injure. Focus that restless painterly energy on your script, which sounds like it's going great!

    I had a long dream about you night before last, not something I feel like twittering about but definitely surreal and exotic in the most amazing way.

    I'll say a prayer for you tonight when I go up to Plaz San Miguel Bajo and photograph my favorite Virgin figure of the processions, La Aurora, truly a goddess amongst icons of Andalucia.

  2. Your little painting is quite beautiful.

  3. Ive heard different ideas about 'tennis elbow' and other tendon problems. Recently, I read an article that encouraged 'working through ' the injury rather than being inactive - id follow my doctor's advice - but its something to consider.
    I love the painting - and like to read the script.

  4. Now, John, of course I'd like to hear the dream! It's unlikely to have a whole lot to do with 'me' but more whatever your subconscious has decided I might symbolize or represent to you... but it'd be fascinating... so! Hint. Hint.

    Elbow -more like a golfer's elbow because on the inside- has been out since mid-January, and getting worse. But I live an active life - shopping on foot with various wheely buggy devices, regular 5km walks with a still-rambunctious 10 year old dog who tugs on the leash to put it mildly, cleaning my dog-hairy floors on ma hands & knees (nothing else works, & I've 2 vacuum cleaners) -& it's impossible to slow down. My brother said to use a sling, that'd force me to rest it. Blah.

    Nathan, you may be right - after my experience this morning with my doctor, I'm inclined to seek a second opinion. Surely exercise is best- modified, gentle, careful exercise that is!

    Thanks for the painterly script puns, you two, too!

    Nancy, thanks for your kind words on my little painting...


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