Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Two Dascha Friedlova Photocollages

Dascha Friedlova, Photocollage, XXVIII Fallen Leaf

Dark, somber, like funeral flowers. A cold draft about the photograph. Feels like the funerary atmosphere of the death of a loved one, the passing of a life, the memories, even as flowers that will wilt and fade soon. One can almost feel the spirit that is looking back at life being here, in the viewpoint of the image. Though it is a warm, sunny Spring day outside, and my room is sunlit, this photograph definitely has a cold feel to it, as if I were in the house or funeral home where these flowers were laid.

Dascha Friedlova, Photocollage, XXXII Equinox Egg

What is being reborn out of what is dying?

It's disturbing, the human figure looks pale, perhaps dead, and the moth the way nature makes everything sustenance for everything else.

Or perhaps it is a surrealist image in which a moth is emerging from a face. The moth looks like its growing out of tendons in the face, that the skin has been stripped.

In the strange imagery of the dream, it is a rebirth?

What is being reborn out of what is dying?

Note: not meant in any way to be a discussion of Friedlova's oeuvre, only some impressions I had of two of her photocollages, neither of which are particularly representational of her work as a whole.


  1. hmmmmm...i don't like either one. the 2nd one makes me recoil like a horror movie might. the first just bores me. sounds like i am pretty mundane! :)

  2. Sky, I think I had a visceral reaction to these images, and perhaps you did partially too, which is why I responded as I did. They do not appear to be images carefully composed but rather 'thrown together' in the odd assortments of ways one can do with Photoshop and other programs that enable easy manipulation of digital imagery. In that way, then, they are almost 'accidental' creations. What emerges here is a coldness that surprised me because the end of life is like that, a deceasing, the stillness, the cycle of Nature takes over. An accidental thing, rather mundane, no big deal about it in the natural world, part of the life cycle, as the flowers bloom, are cut, and wither.

    Or maybe I'm making far more of these images than they deserve! Which is certainly possible!

    Thanks for your comment, Sky. I like your honesty.


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