Theatrics of the Age

Ancient Grecian, red ochre of pottery, a Venus on a pedestal, the theatrics of the age.

Theatrics of the Age, 25.5cm x 30.5cm, 10" x 12", India ink, conte crayon, oil on 100lb archival paper. The original sketch all but gone in the painting, what looks like conte crayon sweeps is oil paint swept on a large dry brush.

Today I painted some of the sketches I did at a life drawing drop-in session at TSA (Toronto School of Art) in August.

An earlier version of the painting.

The original sketch as I did it in the life drawing session
that I went to with my niece. You can also view the whole album.

Lifedrawing9, 28cm x 35.5cm, 11"x14", India ink,
conte crayon, 100lb archival paper.

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