The Painting Nook

In Painting Nook

woke this morning with a sense of joy as I cannot express, something that hasn't happened in a long time, such relief so welcomeIn the painting nook


  1. beautiful photos of you Brenda, of an artist in her studio.

  2. Boris, are you Boris? Australian vision-of-continents-flying Boris? Or another Boris entirely? Doesn't matter, of course, and of course, thank you. xo

  3. Yes, I'm that Boris Brenda, the Aussie one, hello again.

  4. Ahhh, hi! I'm having severe computer problems - 3 new hard drives installed on my new Dell laptop in as many weeks & now it's gone to the Dell Depot Hospital - and have hardly been on-line for nearly a month as the spiritual forces convince me PCs suck and I am truly an Apple iMac woman a new one of which I shall purchase soon with a tax return that's not going to dental work, sigh, but to facilitating my on-line life I shall be in touch! Promise!

    Hope you're doing well down-under!


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