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The Falling Room - Nov 18th show

Halder offers these downloads of his radio show, The Falling Room, every week, and I really enjoy them during long night walks. Sharing, and not just because I'm in this one (it was a surprise this morning):

The Falling Room – November 18, 2011

This week’s show starts with three world fusion pieces; Lumin’s work “Lumin” and two compositions from Irfan titled “Salome” and “Monsalvato”.

Next is a well known Canadian artist to The Falling Room, The Violence and the Sacred, with their 1987 highly experimental piece “The Rivers of my Viscous Sperm” from the Lost Horizons CD. Another Canadian artist follows, Reinhard Von Berg with “Cult Figure” which completes the first half hour of the program.

The next half hour of The Falling Room continues with poet/artist Brenda Clews, with “What is Underground Is What Holds Us” from her Starfire album and Tetrix with “Imagination”.

I end the show with two tracks from the Polish artist Sulatus, from his new Tip album I present “Poland’s Sky” and …

Testing Video Lightbox to showcase a few pieces of the new album

I am testing Video Lightbox, a freeware application for home users. I have to add some code to my blog site html for the embeds to work as their site shows, but, if what I have done here works for you the way it does on my computer, I'm quite happy.

I've created two poetry albums so far. The first, Dance of the Solar Wind, was a collection of different pieces that had music accompaniment. The second, Starfire, was thematic, and I culled all my love poems and recorded them with music of musicians who share their work on Jamendo. For my next album, I thought to create a longer poem and find an album in the 40-60 min range to work with.

When José Travieso released his album, No More Faith, I thought, wow, this album travels all over the place musically, from neo-classical to minimalism to an anti-music bordering on noise in the last piece. The range of styles in this album appealed to me. I wrote to him asking his permission, and he said yes. Then I thought, it is a long album,…

Love on the Love Day

Royalty-free music for professional licensing
direct link: Starfire

On the day of love an album of love poetry.

My poems, overall, are about a poetics of love... the spirit in our loving.

Though I am a lyrical poet who writes love poems, usually in the first person with an I and thou, an other, a lover, with whom the narrator of the poem speaks. I have accepted this about my writing. It's my natural gesture, the way I think, how my heart beats.


Every day is a love day, of course, but Valentine's celebrates romantic love.

Perhaps to be contrary to the sugar-coating edges of Valentine's, and to remind us of the beauty of friendship, Dave Bonta put out a call for, and created a podcast celebrating Platonic love. Listening to it, and there is a full range of poetry expressing many aspects of non-sexual love, I'd say, in summation, Platonic love is going through a bit of a crisis in these viagra-driven times. In some regards, our culture is characterized by highly sexed m…

Donating all sales of my Collector's Edition to Jamendo

January 8, 2011

Dear Jamendo,

I created an album of poetry recordings with tracks of music by mostly Jamendo musicians. To go with this album, I made a 26 page .pdf file of the text of the poems. I offered it in my 'store' for 5 €.

What I would like is to donate any and all proceeds to Jamendo, 100%.

Now no-one has bought the Collector's Edition, and perhaps no-one ever will. But if anyone does, I'd like ALL proceeds to go to Jamendo.

In thanks, thanks for your site, thanks for your service, thanks for your support of musicians...

Let me know how to do this,

warm regards,

January 10, 2011

Hi Brenda,

Thank you for the sweet message. That is a very kind offer and we very much
appreciate it! To make a donation to jamendo, you can go into your admin panel
and click where it says "payments." At the top, there is a place where it says
"make a donation to jamendo."

I have listened to your po…