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Perigee Moon

From Perigee Moon
Metamorphosis Under the Moon, 2010, 28" x 22", 71cm x 56cm, oil pastel, oil paint pen on paper. Click image for larger.

Perigee Moon

Under the full moon,
she mutates.

Her arms, bone
twigs become wing feathers.

Red hair flaming in the white light.

A riptide of ocean
in our blood
pulls to the surface,
this night of imaginings.

Moonlight glosses the lake.

The white muse moon pours magic.

Under the full moon we see
in the dark, our dreaming eyes open.

Pastel on black paper, my fingers dance.

The women sculpt each other.

A creatrix is born.

She is a wild woman.
In the circle of wild women.
In the wilds, where we transform.

Among the night animals,
owl, wolf, jaguar,
where our breath roars,
whispers, sings,
where our visions
transform us.

_ Pastel sketch done in a DanceOurWayHome 'Dreaming in the Dark' session yesterday afternoon, January 30th. Poem written today. The perigee moon this year was very bright; we saw it under clear skies.