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Horn-honking street-cheering TO celebrates Olympic Gold

direct link to YouTube video: Horn-honking street-cheering Toronto celebrates Olympic Gold

A horn-honking, street-cheering city, a cacophony of car horns, and revelry, laughing and waving-
Canada makes Olympic history.
Toronto celebrates!
As soon as the last overtime gold goal was scored,
people piled out of taverns, their homes, cheering.

You reach for the stars, Team Canada, and they're gold.
Medals, a constellation of 14 stars helping the country navigate now-
An Olympic record, and first time for us on home soil.

Rubbing gold stars from our eyes in disbelief...
The red maple leaf, our flag flying high tonight.
The streets of Toronto explode into a Winter party.

A whole country berserk with celebration.

Congratulations, Canada.