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Response to an Album: 'Punxsutawney' by Bielebny

Kinesthia: awareness of position, weight, tension and movement. 

Rarely have I found a music whose creativity is far enough out of the mainstrean, yet recognizably music never-the-less, experimental jazz, ambient, trance, electronic, triphop, funk, big band jazz, scratchy writings in intransigent notes running up and down my spine, sending messages through my central nervous system to get those bones off the chair and dance woman.

I loved the quirky idiosyncratic moments of multiple musics that compose these tracks. They cohere, feel unified through rhythms that are based in the body, its creative movement.

A theatrical quality at times, yet not the kind of dance music 'for performance' so much as music for the people's performance, for a dance crowd of creative spirits, people who write poetry with their bodies, who paint while they dance.

Who are discovering who they are as they dance. You or me. Just like the music which is so varied that from one phrase to the next y…