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FRIDAY VIDEO/FILM POEM: 'Caldo de cultivo/Culture Medium' by Phillipe and Lola Miralles

Caldo de cultivo from Lola Miralles on Vimeo.

The Spanish original. And an English translation (how lovely is that?). It's an amazing video and those of us who speak and read English are very appreciative!

Culture Medium from Phillipe on Vimeo. Subtitled in English.

This film is powerful and primal. It moves by scenes that appear as surreal representations of a poem that is postmodern, and emerges from the depths of the maternal terrain. The poem struggles with birth, the body, the subjectivity of the mother/the writer, what creativity is. We never see a child, thankfully. In the history of art, birth was always about the child, the divine child. The mother's experience was invisible. She was merely the receptacle for the new subject, she through which the citizen was born.

In Caldo de cultivo/Culture Medium, we begin with that richest of mantles, that umbilical sky of nutrients, the placenta, or, rather, a mass of weeds lapping in the waves that appears placental. It is a sur…