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FRIDAY VIDPOFILM: 'Live! - part 3' by KiNo

An email notification on Sep 26, 2011:
The user named KiNo just added you as a contact on Vimeo.

KiNo's profile on Vimeo: The email still unread, a few nights ago I clicked on the link. There are a series of videos of the "Poet of Sound and Image," a young man with a British-style accent who is likely of Russian origin called KiNo. KiNo writes songs, is a performer, a public personality.

His films are oddities in that they seem composed of a mash of images that are flung together without planning or thought. Are they brilliant postmodern montages of contemporary life or bits of filmic captures, the kind we would all have on our cameras if we walked around filming ourselves in the city? Are they a 'found poetry,' meaning not pre-planned but plucked from many hours of video and spliced together in an almost random way?

The video I chose (or it chose me, for I am never sure about this) for this week's VidPoFilm seems a patching of se…