GIFs from performance poems in Tidal Fury

Chthonic - "I can't stop dancing."

Dance of the Sarong - "I dance a life's struggles."

from the Medusa suite

Some GIFs from my performance of poems from my book, Tidal Fury, 6 Jan 2018 at Linda Stitt's Words and Music Salon at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. Thank you to John Oughton for snapping 'live photos' on my iPhone, which I edited and was able to turn into the weird things you see here.

Sorry for the visual overload! They probably won't all load properly on the page - look at each of them in the lightbox by clicking on the first one, that's best. I'd like to collect them in one place.

If you'd like to buy Tidal Fury, click on the image in the footer, which will take you to a page of booksellers, and quotes from reviews, or here.

The performed poems are, in order, Chthonic, Dance of the Sarong, and a Medusa suite (including Medusa slugging beer!). That final GIF is quite strange, almost a visitation of fairy dust, except, it being Medusa's headdress, these would be snakes. Creepy thought! Enjoy!


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