Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yoga for Your Back

A sore back? This often happens to us. Our spines are very complex structures that have to support us, bend flexibly, and be the pillar for the wrap of capillaries, veins, arteries, nerves that weave to and connect every part of us. A few days ago I carried too much home on my shoulder, and the next day my shoulder blade was very sore (note: remember not to do that again!), and perhaps it spread because now my lower back is sore.

When this happens, out comes the yoga mat. And on goes the calming piano music. And I begin flexing my back, rhythmically, in an orderly fashion if you follow the chakras. I'll be good and do this every morning until my back is fine again. I did this set early every morning for about five years, from 1994-1999, and sporadically since then (though it should be regularly).

Sharing the original post that I put up in 2006. It's one of my most popular posts if I go by Google Stats. This particular set of exercises is very helpful to maintain a healthy and flexible back.


Kundalini Yoga: Guidelines for Sadhana (Pomona, California: Kundalini Research Institute, 1974), p.45-6. For another layout of this set, see Basic Spinal Series, and scroll to the end to read a description of Mul Bhand (root lock) and Maha Bhand (great lock).

Note: This set is in an unlisted album at Picasa and only findable with the link.

(think I should always add this when I post yoga sets)



  1. This is such a wonderful, short, sweet and simple guide for anyone willing to spend just a few moments to gain deep lasting relief in a stressful world.

    Thank you, Brenda.

    1. It really is an amazing little yoga set that really helps to keep the spine flexible. Each exercise, as an added benefit, also 'works' each chakra, so as you do each exercise Kundalini is opened and rises. I've had such beautiful experiences with this kriya over the years as I can't say. I highly recommend it. Gentle & easy to do.

  2. Brenda,

    Great information. I have never tried yoga for back pain. Personally I have used a chiropractor and stretching and exercises to strengthen the back. I find that after a time of having done no exercise, my back reminds me also that it is time to do it again.

    I'm going to give these yoga exercises a go, see how they affect the spine.

    1. Chris, definitely go slowly and never, ever push beyond your threshold of comfort. If it's painful, pull back, go slower. After a few days of this or longer, it'll get easier and you will find much benefit for the flexibility of your back and a reduction in pain. It is a fabulous set of exercises that work the spine from the base up to the head. I had a friend who had a lot of back pain, in her early 40s, 4 children, and finally got a diagnosis of arthritis in her spine. I went over and taught her this little yoga set and bless her, she kept doing it. She told me it was an amazing set of exercises that virtually eliminated the pain and she wondered why her physiotherapist offered nothing like this. I highly recommend Spinal Flex. I've been doing it for years. It's easy and relaxing to do. Listen to music. Flex that back. It raises energy, gives clarity of mind, and keeps us young.

  3. I love the sadhana guide and there is not only great information about sadhana itself, but sets that are short and wonderful to do. I think a lot of people are afraid about "rocking" and are told not to do that when stretching but it is really useful when done gentl.


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