Zoned out, beading...

Where did the early night go? I'm still beading. Mantra beads, counters. Though when do I seriously meditate by counting mantra anymore? It's because I bought some lovely pink silk beading thread and am finally fixing a rose quartz necklace that broke on the street last year. Really I'm zoning out after finishing and posting another video poem, I'll call it a poem because it's about an image that carries the weight of the speaking, music and footage. Is it because I am such a private person that these videos knock me out? I wait like a worried mother hen when they're uploading, and then the deafening silence. Ah, video poetry, a fairly new and difficult form for most people. Most people prefer to read their poetry on the page. Poetry is dense and difficult and composed of compressed language and it is hard to follow a poem in a few minutes of a video, but what else are poetry readings? I've explored many ways of presenting a verbal accompaniment to visual footage. This one was a voice memo after a yoga set, still flat on my back, that I had intended to turn into a prose poem. But, hey, it wasn't 'a reading' -which is fraught with difficulties anyway, how to be the words that you speak, what do you dramatize and how, and all those questions. Ok, I'll post the video I'm talking about in this post - it's about "the wall," an image for many things, and likely we all have a "wall" of some sort in our lives. The video is a little dark, though. But I really enjoyed making it, with the storm footage, and the lights, and even found the camera shake, the hand-held quality, worked. Like brushstrokes in a painting, I guess. I sit here, tying knots between each large pink quartz crystal bead and each tiny pink white pearl, knots that will ensure if the necklace breaks, as it will, as they all do eventually, the beads won't fall over the road again. :)

The sound track is a midi file of the text that I generated at and yes, I used copters, and gunshot, and a pad4choir from the music text generator (I did have to copy the sound files from the site one by one and mix them later) and ethereal sunrise, smooth clav, whirly, and nature sounds from GarageBand, plus the original track of thunder and lightning, so it is meant to be a bit, well a bit of a war zone. It works, but it's not for relaxation, obviously!

Back to quietly beading now.... :)

The video, The Wall:

(it looks better big, though, so go for fullscreen)

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