Happy Holiday - wishing you the Best of the Festive Season!

However you celebrate, together or alone, as a day of feasting or simply a holiday, enjoy!

My day is spent cooking both turkey and tofurky and multiple accompanying dishes for my extended family, and I love it.

For the first Christmas, since getting my adorable cat, Aria, in 2012, I have been able to hang ornaments. I only found one on the floor one morning - she's very good now. It was nice to get out my Balinese hand-made ornaments that I bought at a long-gone store in Toronto, Frida, one Boxing Day. It is only now that I truly appreciate their workmanship, the hands who made and painted them. Lamia is my favourite, followed by what has to be a shaman/trickster figure. They are all quite haunting in their own way.


Wishing You A Wonderful Solstice!

Sun Stands Still

Solstice, a brief moment, the earth at its outer spin. Nothing stands still in the reversal. The warmth begins its journey back while the coldest months are yet to come. The shifting rotation offers paradox while the seasons glide along, glide along.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful, generous, gift-giving Solstice and brilliant New Year filled with love, health, success, warmth and enjoyment.

In the spirit of the rebirth of the sun:
light your sabre!

Photo from Split Mask, a videopoem I am again working on.

A detail of a small drawing

Small detail of a piece that I continued to work on after taking this photo. Mixed media, 2015. Really, just a doodle drawing, testing things.

Photos & Video of the Nov 2015 Poetry & Music Salon

We had a wonderful poetry and music gathering at Markham House in Mirvish Village on November 29th.

Many thanks to our features - Jeannine Pitas (Janina La Papita) and Amoeba Starfish (Jeff Howard and Phil Ogison Aegidiussen) - thoroughly enjoyed every word and note of music (including dancing! Jeannine, Sharon Goodier, Norman Bethune Allan and Ariel Balevi - dancers all!)!

And beautiful open mics - wow! - Ariel Balevi (who is a well-known and beloved storyteller and shared a poem for the first time publicly), Anatol Oberhand Balaban (who wrote a terrific impromptu poem about Mirvish Village), Daniela Oana (first time sharing her poetry publicly), Sharon Goodier (who shared some of her ekphrastic poetry), Elizabeth Pollack (first time sharing her poetry publicly), Jeff Cottrill (who had us laughing with a great TTC poem) and Norman Allan (who read while Amoeba Starfish were playing).

And, of course, much gratitude and kudos to those who helped at Markham House, Deb and Joe for chairs,…

Awaiting a Title

Another photo of this drawing taken outside while spraying it with a fine art fixative. While not quite the full-spectrum-total-sunlight that I prefer, it was snapped in wan sunlight that appeared momentarily in a grey, overcast day. The colour and detail are better than the night shot I posted a few days ago.

Awaiting a Title, 2015, 13" x 24", mixed media, Canson montval 140lb cold press archival watercolor paper. I thought to call this Climate Change, but that was early in the drawing. After, I began to see many different things in it and am not sure what to call it anymore.

It needs an image or a line from a surreal poem or fantasy literature, or maybe its own poem from which a title can be drawn.

It's just a little experiment and will likely be a Christmas gift this year if the person I am thinking of likes it.

Video of my last Poetry & Music Salon is en route

It's very blue, but that's because the effects that worked in the other locations were too grungy-looking in this one and pushing the colouring into the reds created an anemic green vignette with yellows that I couldn't abide. I began at 11am and a few versions later it is finally rendering, 17 hours later. Note: I did manage to get 5 hours of sleep. This is the last one I am doing - the videos have been a place to experiment and to learn and a teaching tool for the poets and musicians who come to my monthly salons. No-one likes stark realistic video and so the overlays, colourings, flickers, borders that still have to leave my beautiful participants this side of recognisable. Dealing with low light has been very challenging. How to make my camera-person's work, Tripod is his name, his style is very static, somewhat visually interesting has been challenging. Choosing my features, composing the flyer, creating the event page, doing all the promo, hosting the wonderful …

sketch of a woman

Quick sketch of a woman, 2015, 14" x 12", willow and white charcoal on Strathmore drawing paper.

I actually did this October 12th, but only got it photographed today in wan sunlight, really a cloudy, overcast sky. Putting this in a frame on my wall, so no more attempts at photographing it.