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Installing Our '5 By 5' Art Show @ the Art Bar @ The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto

Greg Nordoff's, Jennifer Hosein's, Brenda Clews's paintings (from left to right) installing

My paintings installed

Greg Nordoff installing his paintings, and Jennifer Hosein's painting awaiting installation

Jacques Albert's paintings awaiting installation

Jacques Albert's and Anna-KaroliinaKoskinen's paintings installed

All done! View of Art Bar at The Gladstone Hotel from Queen Street West in Toronto

Packed and Ready to Go!

Can't believe I'm done! Ready for installation at The Gladstone Hotel tomorrow! All my paintings are stacked, a coat of varnish now dry, corners stapled on for travelling; I put up a price list page at my website and emailed the info to Jacques, who's curating the show. The dog is walked. My walls look bereft and empty of their colourful paintings. As I get these paintings ready for transporting tomorrow, I wonder which ones will come home after, and which ones won't. Art sales in Toronto have not been good overall this year. It's been a tough year for Galleries. Yet I linger over my paintings with love and care. It'll be a terrific show! I can't wait to see everyone else's work! More pics will be coming.