Monday, July 18, 2016

A drawing of Rod

Rod Pizarro, 21cm x 29.7cm, 2016, © Brenda Clews, graphite, 
Moleskine Sketchbook 111-lb acid-free paper.

Kat Leonard @ Winter Wonderland @ Hirut - 26 March 2016 © Brenda Clews, 
5" x 8.25", graphite, Derwent InkTense blocks on 200-gram cold-press acid-free 
Moleskine A5 Large Watercolour paper.

Kat Leonard, who I know as a singer-songwriter and she's saucy, does musical comedy, and her husband, Rod Pizarro, came by Three of a Kind, the group show in June. It was wonderful to see her and to meet her lovely husband. I showed Kat a little watercolour I had done of her singing at a gig at Hirut Restaurant in the winter and she bought it. Then, after seeing my drawing of John Oughton, Rod commissioned a similar drawing.

When I was looking after the gallery, two weeks later, he came and sat for a drawing. I drew him for maybe half an hour, we chatted - he's Chilean, and I took a cell phone pic as a reference for finishing the drawing. It takes me an hour or more to do a page-sized graphite portrait and I couldn't ask him to sit stone still for that long. He stayed the whole afternoon - 5 hours - which was very nice and I got more of a sense of him in space, how he moves, his mannerisms, a little of his warm personality. He picked up the drawing this weekend and said he loved it, so that's nice.