A 'Breakout' Poetry Performance

Last Saturday night was a 'breakout' session for me - for the first time, I performed at a poetry event with some of my video poems playing on a screen behind me. At least, the video part of the poems, with their music. I either read or recited poems and wore a mask for one of them. I had prepared my set over the previous weeks, managing to get the video tracks to work with my pico projector. At the last minute, I got cold feet, and tried to cancel, but ultimately did the set and it went over very well. It was a private Poetry Salon at Norman Cristofoli's house, and he just wrote in an email:
Just wanted to let you know that I have had rave reviews about your performance at the Salon on Saturday.

Here is one quote from an e-mail:

"And the Salon kept us all up to date with what seems to be the latest in poetry: ‘voice-over’ poetry, combined with original music and visual video content.

One might say: four art forms combined! All as cleverly presented by Brenda Clews, whom I had a chance to thank in person. She seems equally talented in all four art forms, although I thought her little sculpture was in a class by itself."

As for me, I think it was one of the best performances ever at my Salons. So unique, creative, entertaining and moving.
[Blushes.] The audience was small, which helped me to go ahead and do the set as planned, and simply wonderful. A great group of people. Many thanks to all!

From, 'A Tangled Garden": https://youtu.be/OG37qWh4rTM

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