A Gourmet Poetry Salon this month @ Urban Gallery - prepping for aposter!

This month we have a Gourmet Poetry Salon at Urban Gallery in honour of the 30 year anniversary of Urban Catering. We have some delectable offerings. The beautiful and über talented Heather Babcock and the sumptious poet, Sonia Di Placido are featured and a cameo by the graphic artist and writer Angel Torres, who has two photograph paintings in the show (that's his work in a photo of moi at the Opening Reception). There will be eight or so 5 min open mic spots too - sign-up at 3pm. Urban Gallery, Saturday afternoon, Sep 27th, from 3-5pm. 400 Queen St E. It will be a wonderful afternoon! Everyone is invited!

Beautiful and über talented Heather Babcock.

Me posing in front of Angel Torres photograph painting at the Opening Reception of the Art of Food group show at Urban Gallery Sep 2014. (Photo taken by Angel - great angle huh.)


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