Paintings installed @ Q Space

Installed at Q Space! I rented a van cab and wouldn't you know it, the 5' sq painting wouldn't fit! So Jacques and Nik, bless them, walked the painting to Q Space. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, so that part was ok, just the high wind made it at times like a sail. I love those guys!!!! When they arrived, we hung everything. This little iPhone pic doesn't get the last one on that wall, and you can see the blankets I brought so we could take the cardboard corners off (protectors) and make any adjustments in the hanging wire. All the poetry coffee shop patrons working on their laptops writing their masterpieces moved to the back while we hung the paintings, and re-hung. It's all done, and I took a bit of video so will grab some better pics from that later on. Whew! On, whew. xoxoxo


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