A few sketches and a cleaned-up back yard!

A very few pieces this week to share.

A poem should go with this. :) 

In my little charcoal sketch book.

 (Lovely orchids my niece gave me for my birthday nearly 3 months ago drawn in charcoal.)

'Woman at the Window,' 2012, small charcoal and watercolour sketch. Really just a doodle, like the above post.

I have a blister in the middle of my right palm from digging weeds for a couple of hours! I neglected my tiny bit of back yard, and then the heat, and suddenly I want to have it - only the weeds! Eeek. They produce burrs by late summer and I have a doggy whose fur is a favourite of burrs. Mostly they're all dug out now - my son came and raked too, and we filled about 4 garden bags - and a new bag of shady grass seed bought - to be spread just before a rain storm (no water out back). Doodles, heck, yes! Even with blisters in the middle of your palm. :))

So pleased with myself! In 2009 I smartly stapled up two bamboo mats to block the view from the lane way into my little back yard. They began seriously shredding last summer and were fast becoming mulch after this last winter. I mulled a trip to Chinatown for more mats, which, with my wrist, I would need help with carrying back. I checked tarps at the hardware store. The young sales clerk there had the very good idea to weave it into the planks of the fence. The colour though - bright white! Definitely no! Then I found camouflage tarp at the dollar store for considerably less. And I wove and stapled it by myself! Without straining my wrist - getting a very strong right arm! Now my son won't have to help. And I'm sipping a strawberry rhubarb cider on a chaise longue in wonderful privacy!


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