Poempaintings Opening Reception @ Urban Gallery 9th JAN (49 photos)

Some photographs of my beautiful friends at the Opening Reception of my Poempaintings show at Urban Gallery in Toronto last night. Many thanks to all who came out - you made it a great evening and I am hugely appreciative!

I am very grateful to Calvin Hambrook, Gallery Manager, and Allen Shugar, the Curator, and Kaspara Albertsen for hosting a meticulously prepared and warm and friendly Opening at their Gallery.

I've added some names to the photos that you can see in the Picasa album.

Wow, there's already a review of the show in a local, on-line Toronto newspaper: Newz4u! 

Split Mask, face close-up

Split Mask, 5'x5', mixed media on canvas. It is almost impossible to photograph either in daylight or with lights at night (the latter here) - the lines of the hair are dark like the shadows in the upper right, which are a charcoal grey-black, for instance. The photo is not too bad, but the painting is better weighted in reality. Yes, I've left a lot of canvas bare. It works.
Up top, a close-up.

Unfortunately, I had to spray the painting with a fine art fixative in my small apartment. It's too big to take outside easily, and there is snow, slush and salt everywhere. I opened the two small windows and had a fan. My chest hurt for quite awhile, but it's ok now. My pets hung out right by the open windows, wisely. The metal leaf is 85% copper and 15% zinc and will eventually oxidize unless sealed properly, which I have done since taking the photo. The sealant has evened out the lustre of the metal leaf to a flatter, brighter hue that, frankly, I'm not as in love w…

Split Mask, 3rd session, work-in-progress

Split Mask, 3rd session, work-in-progress, 2014, mixed media.

Since it's largely charcoal, I need to go out to try to find a fixative you can spray indoors. It's almost finished, though I'm not quite sure where I'm taking it (what I'm going to do next).


Split Mask painting in-process

No idea if I'll get it finished by 9am Monday morning, in time for the pick-up of my paintings and the installation of my show at Urban Gallery, but I am working on a painting I've been thinking of doing for 4 months or so. There have been so many intervening crises that I was not able to get to it before New Year's Day. Floods, and family upheavals, and the power failure resulting from the ice storm (I had power and was refuge for family members along with an extra cat and a bunny) kept me busy and only staring at the empty canvas. I'm rushing through it now, no idea if I'll make it.

This is an iPhone pic, shot at night, not good quality, but posting gives it a reality I'm not feeling working away listening to a piano music channel (can't get into the wireless external hard drive with Glen Gould, which is who I would like to be listening to nonstop tonight). Never mind. Back to work.

I had begun a loose prosepoem called Split Mask last Summer, but it hasn&…