DANCE JAM @ Urban Gallery (Artist-in-Attendance day and this artist likes to dance!)

DANCE JAM this Sat afternoon, from 2-4pm, at Urban Gallery, where my POEMPAINTINGS show is currently!

Calvin Hambrook, the Manager at Urban Gallery, when we were working out the details of my show, said that in the warm months, May-Oct, a lot of people who are browsing in the area come into the gallery on Saturdays, but that it's very dead in the Winter months. So I immediately offered to do an Artist-in-Attendance/Artist-at-Work Saturday, which became an offer to do three - one every two weeks for the duration of my show. Only, when I considered them, I thought I really didn't want to sit around for two hours with no visitors, and so decided to offer something interesting on each of the Saturdays (Jan 18th, Feb 1st, and Feb 15th). I like to dance, so let's dance! I like to draw, so let's do a life drawing session! I am a poet, so let's do a poetry workshop (an hour writing, an hour sharing what you wrote or something you brought to get feedback on)!

So, this Satu…

Split Mask: Preparing the mask for performance, papier-mache 1

While I made the mask last Summer, and we have used it in a few photo shoots, it has only been held together with masking tape. Two days ago I began the process of papier-mache. It's been sanded in these photos, and needs, I think, one more layer, more sanding, and then it will be painted white with a matte finish. I always glue soft white flannel on the inside of my masks to make them more comfortable to wear for poetry performances, so that has to be done too. I took these photos late last night with my iPhone 5S. Pretty spooky, huh.


Split Mask painting

Not the very best photo - taken indoors at night under lights at Urban Gallery during the Opening of my show, but it is my latest work. With serious non-stop crises since mid-November, an unbelievable run, I finally had some free time and did it in a frenetic 3 days, starting New Year's Day. Lol! It's quite large at 5 feet x 5 feet.

Split Mask, 2014, Brenda Clews, 60" x 60", graphite, charcoal, India ink, acrylic, metal leaf on canvas. ___

Review of my Poempaintings show at Urban Gallery

Many thanks to KJ Mullins for this beautiful review of my show and of the gorgeous Urban Gallery itself. This article appeared in her on-line Toronto newspaper, Her paper focuses on social issues and the arts - without the corporate and political agendas of the larger papers, she is able to write and publish articles on life as it is in this city.

Currently she is fundraising for her newspaper: "NEWZ4U.NET is ready to take the next step to become a valuable source of information for Toronto focusing on the arts and social issues like homelessness, the aging population, front line responders, mental illness and poverty. The goal is to give a voice to those who may not have access to media resources and to promote local initiatives that help residents of Toronto." So do make a donation if you can.

Urban Gallery features brilliant Brenda Clews exhibitBy KJ Mullins on January 10, 2014
KJ Mullins-Toronto: One of Toronto’s newest galleries Urban Gallery is opening …

Poempaintings Opening Reception @ Urban Gallery 9th JAN (49 photos)

Some photographs of my beautiful friends at the Opening Reception of my Poempaintings show at Urban Gallery in Toronto last night. Many thanks to all who came out - you made it a great evening and I am hugely appreciative!

I am very grateful to Calvin Hambrook, Gallery Manager, and Allen Shugar, the Curator, and Kaspara Albertsen for hosting a meticulously prepared and warm and friendly Opening at their Gallery.

I've added some names to the photos that you can see in the Picasa album.

Wow, there's already a review of the show in a local, on-line Toronto newspaper: Newz4u!