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Love on the Love Day

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direct link: Starfire

On the day of love an album of love poetry.

My poems, overall, are about a poetics of love... the spirit in our loving.

Though I am a lyrical poet who writes love poems, usually in the first person with an I and thou, an other, a lover, with whom the narrator of the poem speaks. I have accepted this about my writing. It's my natural gesture, the way I think, how my heart beats.


Every day is a love day, of course, but Valentine's celebrates romantic love.

Perhaps to be contrary to the sugar-coating edges of Valentine's, and to remind us of the beauty of friendship, Dave Bonta put out a call for, and created a podcast celebrating Platonic love. Listening to it, and there is a full range of poetry expressing many aspects of non-sexual love, I'd say, in summation, Platonic love is going through a bit of a crisis in these viagra-driven times. In some regards, our culture is characterized by highly sexed m…

Ink Ocean

Royalty-free music for professional licensing direct link: Ink Ocean (version 1)

Ink Ocean (9:47min), a poem I've been working on since the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico earlier in the year, a darker, more troubled piece on love. Is it a good ending for my album of love poems? Not sure, though it is a love poem - loving amidst the pollution, with our wounds, whatever they may be. The reading was difficult since I live over a subway, and kept stopping the speaking every time a subway ran through because the muse beckoned the voice at rush hour this morning, O muse! Those sections were clipped out. I've been at my computer working on this recording for 12 hours I guess. May be too close to it to 'hear' it?

It's layered, of course, multiplicities seem what I like to do. You can read the words here if you like (though it looks more like a play of approaches and voices than a poem proper).

Spent days looking for music, too. I already had a small collection of 'possi…

Veils to Clothe Venus

Here is the recording I will include in my upcoming album, 'Starfire, a collection of love poems,' which I'll release on Jamendo when it's finished:

direct link to Veils to Clothe Venus with music (2:33min)

Buz Hendricks created an original track for the Suite of Botticelli Venus Poems. I have used a section of the ethereal, jazz-influenced, sensual track he sent me for this particular poem. You can hear the whole piece with poem and music (his mix) at Jamendo.

Veils to Clothe Venus is the 10th track in the album of poetry performance recordings I am working on. Music from a Jamendo musician accompanies each of the readings in the album. While I still have to write the poem for the last track, and the muse can be quirky, I am hoping to have the album available for listening and free download on Jamendo within a few weeks.

In the process of creating a listenable track, I recorded the little poem maybe a dozen times. Since I liked the reading alone and with Buz's music,…