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Git Yer Socks Movin'!

Many thanks to all of you who are coming. Big hugs!!! And the rest of you? Git yer socks moving to Q this Thurs! Lol!!


A Selection of Poempaintings' Art Show up at Q Space in Toronto until June 15th

'A Selection of Poempaintings' Art Show is still up at Q Space in Toronto until June 15th. Two people have shown interest in purchasing two of the paintings, which is nice whether anything crystallizes or not. Otherwise, I have received many wonderful compliments and overheard people saying, 'I really like these paintings,' without them knowing I am the artist, kind of lovely to then introduce myself. People have been taking cell phone pics, and sitting to read the 14 page Gallery Guide I created, which, again, is a bit overwhelming. I'm not used to such attention!

An artist who came to my Gallery Opening party said every piece "had integrity." He went on to explain that many artists discover a style and then keep doing it and that you can recognize their paintings because they are all very similar. He pointed to the walls, "Yours are all distinct, different from each other." I, who am not good with accepting compliments, especially ones like th…

PDF Booklet to Accompany My POEMPAINTINGS Art Show @ Q Space

The Art Party/Poetry Salon at Q Space was lovely, warm, intimate, loving. We did a number of poetry readings, chatted, a truly wonderful evening that was convivial and special in all the ways that are most meaningful to me. Thank to everyone who came! You made it a spectacular evening! (I'll add more photos later.)

Attached is a free .pdf download of the paintings in the show, the poems associated with them, and groan, the prices. While I believe, given the quality of the work and their size, the prices are fair, I have not posted them in the information cards on the walls. For those who need to know how I generally calculated the cost, the paintings are priced around $1.50 - $1.75 per square inch (the general rule of thumb with this method for pricing is to charge $5.00/square inch and up).

As an example, Charcoal Poems, which took 5 months to paint, and considerable dredging of my inner life, is 60…

Slap dash video clip of Installing the art show @ Q Space on May 15 2013

direct link: Installing art show @ Q Space on May 15 2013

(...this is just a little snippet that I spent far too long on this morning. I have to learn FCP X! Like seriously and quickly.)

Installing paintings @Q Space. Jacques Albert and Nik Beat, two friends who helped me install the show, went beyond the call of duty to help. The 5' sq painting wouldn't fit in the van cab and so they walked it to Q Space! I can't tell you how grateful I am! Thank you guys! You'll see them in the video when they've just arrived with the painting. Lol.

All in all, rather a slap dash clip. The motion stabilizer in FCP X both cropped images and sometimes just blacked out the surroundings - it's interesting, and it does work. A way-too-fancy title - FCP X remains a challenge to learn - and I forgot to ask someone to hold camera to include me in the vid, but the paintings are there, and it's fun, and come to the party tomorrow night if you're in Toronto. Q Space, 382 Colleg…

Paintings installed @ Q Space

Installed at Q Space! I rented a van cab and wouldn't you know it, the 5' sq painting wouldn't fit! So Jacques and Nik, bless them, walked the painting to Q Space. It was a beautiful warm sunny day, so that part was ok, just the high wind made it at times like a sail. I love those guys!!!! When they arrived, we hung everything. This little iPhone pic doesn't get the last one on that wall, and you can see the blankets I brought so we could take the cardboard corners off (protectors) and make any adjustments in the hanging wire. All the poetry coffee shop patrons working on their laptops writing their masterpieces moved to the back while we hung the paintings, and re-hung. It's all done, and I took a bit of video so will grab some better pics from that later on. Whew! On, whew. xoxoxo


Framing finished!

All the paintings are safely cradled in their frames now, and the 5'sq one re-stretched tight across a stretcher. Working without stopping, it still took us 3 hours to complete this job! I'll post a better pic when they're installed at Q Space tomorrow. ::smiling::

This photo is of the last 4 that I just painted like 3 or so weeks ago! The (water-soluble) oil washes dried and then I finished them in ink. My focus was on the back, and I chose to not use any 'flesh' tones at all. But, also after I painted them, I realized, a series of paintings on the derrière...

Also today I'm thinking the FineArt America images I did maybe look a bit crass because commercial, and it's not meant to be. Why post the gallery at FineArt America? Who knows, ask the birds or flowers or the wind. Just did. Seems a safe enough place to post, and besides, they do sell reproductions of your work and you can even make a little from those sales (ie if you buy a card for $6.50 I make u…

Gallery of Paintings On Show @ Q Space May 15- June 15

This is an experiment. Once I get the html figured out, I will post to the new gallery-style website I set up because of this show at

I have been working 24/7 taking photographs, finding 'descriptions' buried in the archives of this blog - thank gawddess I keep everything here! - and uploading to FineArt America. Why did I pick that site? Who knows, ask the birds or flowers or the wind. Just did. Seems a safe enough place to post, and besides, they do sell reproductions of your work and you can even make a little from those sales, and people who might wish to purchase the actual paintings can see the price and contact you directly.

There are 12 paintings in all. I don't know if they will all fit at Q Space. Whatever doesn't, will come home again. Luciano recently re-arranged Q Space so that the bookshelves are no longer in the front of the cafe but in the back where the poetry readings are, leaving a smaller but brighter and more friendly space for art…