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For Baghdad

2009, 11"x9¼", 28cmx23.5cm, 
inks, oil pastel on archival paper
(I wrote into the drawing as I was
drawing; later I edited the words 
slightly into the poem that
accompanies the image)

throw bones

bone men
char men

cartilage has no
nerve endings

Baghdad is burning
-the bombers are coming-
hide your children

the god of fire thunder is upon us
the god who eats men

armor yourselves for it is useless
shrapnel sharp spinning
from the god's eye

cease & desist
cease & desist
cease & desist

Warnings by David Allen Sullivan

This came in The Writer's Almanac this morning. It's "found poetry" - had me hooting over my morning coffee. Sharing...

Warningsby David Allen Sullivan A can of self-defense pepper spray says it may
irritate the eyes, while a bathroom heater says it's
not to be used in bathrooms. I collect warnings
the way I used to collect philosophy quotes.

Wittgenstein's There's no such thing
as clear milk
rubs shoulders with a box
of rat poison which has been found
to cause cancer in laboratory mice

Levinas' Language is a battering ram—
a sign that says the very fact of saying
is as inscrutable as the laser pointer's advice:
Do not look into laser with remaining eye.

Last week I boxed up the solemn row
of philosophy tomes and carted them down
to the used bookstore. The dolly read:
Not to be used to transport humans.

Did lawyers insist that the 13-inch wheel
on the wheelbarrow proclaim it's
not intended for highway use? Or that the
Curling iron is for external use only?