Video of my last Poetry & Music Salon is en route

It's very blue, but that's because the effects that worked in the other locations were too grungy-looking in this one and pushing the colouring into the reds created an anemic green vignette with yellows that I couldn't abide. I began at 11am and a few versions later it is finally rendering, 17 hours later. Note: I did manage to get 5 hours of sleep. This is the last one I am doing - the videos have been a place to experiment and to learn and a teaching tool for the poets and musicians who come to my monthly salons. No-one likes stark realistic video and so the overlays, colourings, flickers, borders that still have to leave my beautiful participants this side of recognisable. Dealing with low light has been very challenging. How to make my camera-person's work, Tripod is his name, his style is very static, somewhat visually interesting has been challenging. Choosing my features, composing the flyer, creating the event page, doing all the promo, hosting the wonderful hours while also taking 200+ photos *and* video (which gives me a ton of work after the salon and can take days to do) is a bit silly and I forthwith announce that the video which may be up tonight or tomorrow will be my last full poetry and music salon video. Only photos from now on!

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