Old Hard Drives still work!

Because I was asked for 300dpi images in black and white, I decided to re-shoot what I had. That took awhile, and processing was forever. Then I hunted through old hard drives and actually found some images well over a decade old, all as blessed Photoshop files except for one jpeg. And those old hard drives still run, how great is that?! All in all, I think it's about 30 images, and they have taken a solid 15 hours of work. I had finished coffee by the time I began at 9am, and it is now past midnight! Dinner was some frozen and defrosted leftover turkey that wasn't very good. Lol! The book won't be out until Fall 2016, but there are deadlines... and I want to sweep the old year out with a flourish. Done, just in time for for the New Year!


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