Happy Holiday - wishing you the Best of the Festive Season!

However you celebrate, together or alone, as a day of feasting or simply a holiday, enjoy!

My day is spent cooking both turkey and tofurky and multiple accompanying dishes for my extended family, and I love it.

For the first Christmas, since getting my adorable cat, Aria, in 2012, I have been able to hang ornaments. I only found one on the floor one morning - she's very good now. It was nice to get out my Balinese hand-made ornaments that I bought at a long-gone store in Toronto, Frida, one Boxing Day. It is only now that I truly appreciate their workmanship, the hands who made and painted them. Lamia is my favourite, followed by what has to be a shaman/trickster figure. They are all quite haunting in their own way.




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