Awaiting a Title

Another photo of this drawing taken outside while spraying it with a fine art fixative. While not quite the full-spectrum-total-sunlight that I prefer, it was snapped in wan sunlight that appeared momentarily in a grey, overcast day. The colour and detail are better than the night shot I posted a few days ago.

Awaiting a Title, 2015, 13" x 24", mixed media, Canson montval 140lb cold press archival watercolor paper. I thought to call this Climate Change, but that was early in the drawing. After, I began to see many different things in it and am not sure what to call it anymore.

It needs an image or a line from a surreal poem or fantasy literature, or maybe its own poem from which a title can be drawn.

It's just a little experiment and will likely be a Christmas gift this year if the person I am thinking of likes it.

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