re-finding the lifeline

I thought to call this small piece, Climate Change, but that was early in the drawing. After, I began to see many different things in it and am not sure what to call it anymore. It needs a line or an image from a Surreal poem or Fantasy story for a title. 13" x 24", mixed media, Canson montval 140lb cold press archival watercolor paper.

Doing a piece like this is fairly easy, and the kind of art I tend to stay away from. With a return to the way I did drawings and paintings before the rude interruption of Conceptualism when I did a Fine Art degree so many years ago, I find a progression of something I might have done in more rudimentary form as a teen. It's like I wiped out 30 years of domineering voices and styles and somehow returned to find my lifeline (to use a term from palmistry) and to continue it on.

Only by returning to the distant past could I continue on.

I don't think I would ever put this piece in a show - it is more of a free exploration, and not for anything.

The photo is taken at night and not with my favourite-for-shooting-art Canon because that beloved camera insisted on using the flash. I used my Sony, and, surprisingly, with quite a bit of Photoshop Elements tweaking, the colors look pretty good. Nowadays I always shoot in RAW, or uncompressed format, and maybe that's why I was able to get a more accurate rendering.

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